Want to go bold? Accessorize with white

As a woman on the move, I’m all about crossbody bags – I only carry crossbody bags these days because I know that there’s just no chance I will use a bag that I actually have to carry. I’m an even bigger fan of bucket bags, which are crossbodies in a chic shape that can fit every item I could possibly need (and more).

My new Michael Kors Blakely bucket bag (and Kate Spade wallet). (Photo by Jenna Intersimone)

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What Not To Wear This Thanksgiving

Ahh, Thanksgiving is here. The seemingly endless few hours where you are forced to not fight with your sister like you’re 11-years-old, where you must try to simultaneously drink enough wine to get through the evening yet not bring suspicions that you may be an alcoholic, and the day where you must listen to your grandpa’s boring stories again while feigning attention.

It would be easy to wrangle up a few fall outfits for the holiday if it wasn’t for some of these pesky above issues looming about. The possibility of a brawl, of spilled red wine and a cheaply heated home can seriously inhibit your fashion choices. However, there is hope.

1. Do not wear white. 

No white pants and no white, or otherwise lightly-colored sweaters, because you’re soon going to be so drunk that red wine is going to be spilling all over you. It’s way easier to hide a drunken stumble over a black blouse, trust me.

Found on lookastic.com
Found on lookastic.com

2. Do not wear anything too revealing. 

You’re not going to the prom – you’re going to Thanksgiving, where there is pretty much a zero percent chance you’re going to meet any men unless you’re a holiday drifter and you got it right and avoided a family gathering on this special day. You don’t want anyone’s weird uncle hitting on you in a wine stupor so just bypass the whole mishap so keep the cleavage hidden.

Found on mygoldbutteruniverse.tumblr.com
Found on mygoldbutteruniverse.tumblr.com

3. Do not wear anything too tight. 

You do realize this is a holiday focused on eating, right? The last thing you need is a protruding belly dipping out under your tight shirt. Ew. Please just join the rest of us and wear something classily baggy. You can thank me later.

Found on Pinterest
Found on Pinterest

4. Do not wear a skirt or dress with bare legs. 

Although this would be a pleasantly cute outfit according to Pinterest, it doesn’t work out too well in practice since it’s winter and Thanksgiving hosts like to cheap it out and crank the heat down. Put on a pair of pants.

Found on extrapetite.com
Found on extrapetite.com

5. Do not wear anything too bright. 

This isn’t an EDM concert – it’s Thanksgiving, and if you didn’t get the memo, it’s about pilgrims and Indians. No neon pinks, yellows or blues – scrap together some neutrals instead.

Found on fashidea.info
Found on fashidea.info

The Three Blazers For Fall

After returning from warm, sunny New Orleans yesterday after a week of sporting t-shirts and flip-flops, I was rather sad to take a look at the Jersey forecast for the week and see that temperatures were planning on dipping down to the 30s. It became real – the days of stripy sandals were over and it was time for cozy layers to prepare for the frigid cold.

So what’s the fashion staple of November work fashion? Blazers, of course, which I actually look forward to sporting because they give me a chance to mix up some prints, colors and fabrics. Before winter gets in full spring, check out my picks for the three blazers you need for your cold-weather wardrobe.

1. Navy

You can’t go wrong with a navy blazer – it’s the perfect staple for fall and gives a bit of color and class to all outfits, while also spicing up some neutral pieces. Plus, it complements other classic-colored pieces as well, like a flannel, jean or striped shirt.

Found on amyparent.cabionline.com
Found on amyparent.cabionline.com

2. Herringbone 

Who doesn’t love a classic style staple like a herringbone blazer? Grab one in shades of gray or black in white and pair with various brights to mix up an otherwise color blocked outfit. A very professional piece that will never go out of style.

Found on net-a-porter.com
Found on net-a-porter.com

3. Red

A pop of red mixes up neutral colors that are fitting for fall and due to the layering of the piece, it’s an item that is appropriate for work. Try mixing this up with other prints such as leopard, polka dots or stripes.

Found on expresarte-mujer.blogspot.ca
Found on expresarte-mujer.blogspot.ca

This Week’s Haul: Century 21

I can’t get enough of Century 21, the discount department store with locations throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Century 21 is sort of like a Marshall’s, full of discount designer clothing, but just… better. Unlike Marshall’s or other discount stores, it’s obviously much bigger at department store-size and they have a much larger selection of high-end brands. This week, I picked up a couple of nice accessories for fall:

Steve Madden $98 Handbag at $45


I really like this bag because I love cross body bags (who wants to carry a bag…), I like the leopard (obviously), but I don’t think it’s overwhelming because the entire back of the bag is in solid black (with the Steve Madden logo).

Steve Madden $70 Flats at $35


I don’t even usually buy Steve Madden stuff but I couldn’t pass up a classic pair of flats which I was lacking. I like the more demure, pointed toe as well as the patent leather. I’ve worn these a couple times already and they’re pretty comfortable too.

Michael Kors $45 Belt at $24


Shoreside Shanties to Summer Style

Be sure to check out this story in a special feature at JustLuxe.com

Rolling down Beach Avenue on my cruiser in historic Cape May, New Jersey, I couldn’t help but slow down and dreamily admire the fine architecture and interesting homes that lined the streets. Said to be one of the oldest vacation destinations in the United States, the city of Cape May, which lies on the southernmost tip of New Jersey where the Delaware Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean, is in its entirety a National Historic Landmark precisely due to this collection of colorful and quirky Victorian homes that date back to the late 1800s.

In the midst of checking out the ensembles of beachgoers and stealthily admiring the details of the pink bed-and-breakfasts, I started to realize that the two had a lot in common. Those who appreciate a well-made home, embellished with shoreside eccentricities and bright colors, also love a finely-made piece of clothing that can’t be found elsewhere and contain unique charms. If you’re looking for your newest beach gem – outfit, that is – use the same home whimsicalities you look for when you’re roaming the neighborhood.

1. A colorful Victorian is equal to a vibrant dress. Back home, you’re probably surrounded by whites, grays, and yellows – all neutral colors that are a fine fit for a classic neighborhood. But shoreside boroughs are like wild animals – these are never the colors of choice. Instead, owners choose to stand out by painting in turquoise, magenta, cobalt, and indigo. Get a little luxuriant with your summer wardrobe picks too – instead of opting for your classic colors, think outside the box and invest in the colors made for summer.

IMG_5807        2

2. A well-stocked garden is akin to a brimming outfit. When you see shoreside homes worth rolling the windows down for, are they white Colonials with bushes lining the walkway or are they periwinkle mansions with gardens packed full of flowers, bushes, gnomes, wind chimes, and animals? I’m betting the latter. Rules run slim in summer fashion as well, so take advantage of it. Instead of omitting those funky accessories, go for it and pile on the bracelets, the new summer wedges, the designer bag, and the colorful dress. Pack your outfit full of all the beautiful pieces that match – don’t be shy and don’t be modest.

3. An offbeat home is kindred to an uncommon outfit. Cape May communities are no golf court colonies – instead, people make the most in trying to differentiate themselves from their neighbors, making for some colorful and customized homes where one will never be like the other. When choosing your ensembles for your shoreside days, don’t bother following the most recent trends to a T, but instead, get creative and customize so that you too can create something (or find something) that’s one of a kind.

IMG_5800          3

4. A finely-detailed roof is the same as your best accessories. You’ll never see these million-dollar-plus beach homes with a hair out of place – or a brick, that is. Instead, every bit of these classic Victorians is customized to the highest degree and no detail is omitted. Details are what separates the fair from the fantastic. Accessories, the details of the home, are not to be forgotten either and invest in posh, grandiose pieces in shoes, earrings, necklaces, bags and bracelets because people always notice.

5. A misshapen home is similar to an angled dress. Building space is limited, which is why architects get artsy with their angles and makes homes fit and make sense in ways that often end up to be beautiful and distinguished. Get creative with your angles too – don’t have a closet full of all empire-waist dresses, but instead hold a collection of wrap dresses, cropped shirts and maxi skirts, high-neck dresses, and A-lines.

IMG_5841        2

Where To Build Your Business Wardrobe

When you’re a happy, skipping college student, you know all the best spots to score your party clothes, your bar clothes, your club clothes… and oh yeah, your school clothes. However, I know that for me, and pretty much every other soon-to-be-graduating college kid that I knew, I had but one outfit to interview for jobs in. And it wasn’t a nice one.

However, when you finally do take that big leap from college to post-grad life, you’re not really sure where to start when it’s time to build your adult wardrobe, free of fur, hooker heels, and Uggs. So, here’s a quick guide on the first steps to building your brand-new big-kid wardrobe for that coveted full-time job with the same budget you worked off of when you were delivering pizzas.

1. J. Crew is the Heaven of quirky professional clothing, chock full of brightly colored flats, patterned pants, and funky accents. Yes, some stuff at J. Crew starts out pricy… which is why your best bet is to head backwards to the awesome sale rack hiding in the corner, or better yet, the J. Crew Factory Store. Here, you can snag some classic sweaters, cute blazer basics, as well as must-have accessories.


2. Ann Taylor is another great locale to score killer sales on some great pieces like basic pencil skirts, solid colored cardigans, and fun work tops. Remember, never pay full price, which is made even easier with the Ann Taylor card. Don’t forget about Ann Taylor Loft, a division of Ann Taylor, that features some younger (and cheaper) pieces that can sometimes be a hit as well.


3. Target is one that I’m actually kind of embarrassed to present to you, but whatevs. You can get some quality (and cool) blazers, cardigans, basic sweaters, flats, and business heels that you can take to work on a very limited budget. And guess what? No one is ever gonna know. Muhahaha.


4. Gap is a spot where you can score all the basics you need because let’s get real, if you can get it anywhere, why would you pay a lot for it? You can grab some cute spring jackets to take to work, leather bags, patterned flats, and of course, scarves in every color you can ever dream of.

Style: "BLUE04"

5. Banana Republic can’t really be classified as a bargain store like our good friend Target, however, with sales, you can definitely grab some good deals on blazers, business suits, slacks, heels, and accessories such as jewelry and headbands that you can take to the workplace.


A Pop of Color

There are many reasons why I want to live in a J. Crew catalog, among those being that no one ever has to brush their hair, everyone has cute kids, and everyone always looks so happy to be there. However, one of the reasons why pieces at J. Crew (among other stores as well) is that they utilize pops of color on neutral shades.


One of the best ways to look professional (and expensive) actually seems to be counterproductive – use basic shades and pieces without a lot of pazazz that are in high-quality materials. There’s a reason why you were in kindergarten you wore shirts with sparkles and ruffles and pompoms and whatever else on them – because they were cheap and your parents knew that was where your milk and pizza was going to end up anyway.


However, now you’re an old person with a real job. One way to always look put together is to choose clothing in very basic shades, preferably neutrals, such as grays, beiges, whites, blacks, and browns that were made well (even if you bought them on sale). Obviously, another great reason to do this is because the pieces will take you farther since they can be paired with tons of other shades.

Then, you can pull the whole thing together with a pop of color. This means pair your blacks, whites, stripes, and grays with brightly colored scarves, cardigans, belts, shoes, bags, and jewelry in shades such as turquoise, yellow, hot pink, and red. And voila, no one ever has to know that you’re actually broke and you live at home.