Use Pinterest for endless outfit inspiration

Recently, a girl that I follow on social media posted a Pinterest screenshot and wrote, “Really? Does anyone use Pinterest anymore?”

Am I the last person I know using Pinterest??? There is a possibility. However, I don’t really care. Some of the truest words I have ever said were, “Pinterest makes me a better person.”

A quick Pinterest search. (Courtesy of Pinterest/screenshot)

Besides providing my dinner recipe literally every night of the week, a way to kill some time when watching a boring TV show or my method of “prepping” for my upcoming vacation to Prague by binge-scrolling Insta-worthy photos, my favorite Pinterest use may be for outfit inspiration.

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For all of my versatile pieces – think herringbone vests, jean shirts, motorcycle boots, leopard print flats – I try to come up with various uses, often with a quick visit and search on Pinterest of “work boot outfit ideas for women” or “red vest outfits.”

I love Pinterest for outfit inspiration. (Courtesy of Pinterest)

When you don’t live in a city, sometimes it’s hard to find organic street style inspiration, but luckily there’s endless inspiration on Pinterest. Plus, often if I’m debating buying a new piece but I’m not totally sure yet how (or if) I can actually use it, I’ll do a quick Pinterest search to see if it will really fit with my wardrobe or if it’s worth the money.

So the moral of the story? Yes, I may be the last person I know using Pinterest. But that’s certainly not my loss!


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