Want to go bold? Accessorize with white

As a woman on the move, I’m all about crossbody bags – I only carry crossbody bags these days because I know that there’s just no chance I will use a bag that I actually have to carry. I’m an even bigger fan of bucket bags, which are crossbodies in a chic shape that can fit every item I could possibly need (and more).

My new Michael Kors Blakely bucket bag (and Kate Spade wallet). (Photo by Jenna Intersimone)

So, when my birthday rolled around last month, I told my boyfriend Mike that I wanted a gray bucket bag. “Apparently, they don’t make gray bucket bags anymore,” he said, pulling out a very large Michael Kors gift bag. Inside wasn’t a gray bag, but what I would soon find, even better yet – a white Michael Kors Blakely leather bucket bag.

Mike explained to me that he went to every store he could find, asking the associates if they had any gray bucket bags (I write this with a chuckle imagining a bearded, grown man running from store to store asking in frustration if they had seen any gray bucket bags) but when he found a beautiful white one, he thought it would be the next best thing.

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I’m really loving this bag – I find the crisp color to be both refreshing and bold without being tacky, like some bold prints tend to be. Plus, it works with winter outfits (winter white, anyone? I especially wear white after Labor Day!) and will soon obviously be great for spring outfits.

If you’re looking for an eye-popping accessory, go back to the basics and pick up something not patterned, not crazy, but… simple. And if you really want to spoil yourself (it retails for $395), grab this 100 percent leather bag – at 11.5″ by 10,” it’s roomy without being too heavy or overwhelming.


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