Outfit logging: The best idea I’ve ever had

Five years ago when I got my first full-time job, it was not so easy to put business-casual outfits together. So when I did finally plan one out that I thought looked pretty good, I became even more frustrated when I could never recall it ever again and would have to start once again from scratch.

However, thanks to the amazing camera phone, I had a new idea – snap a photo of each new outfit I compiled and save it. Then, whenever I was too lazy to pick out next day’s ensemble or I wanted to wear something again to some kind of event but couldn’t remember exactly what it looked like, I had an easy and handmade guide inside an album in Photos on my computer.

My collection of 300 outfits now comes in handy all of the time – when I’m trying to figure out what to wear to work, when I would like to plan in advance what I’ll wear out to that fancy dinner this weekend, when I want to see how often I’ve worn something so I can determine if it’s worth purging.

When people find out about the little secret lingering on my iPad (or my boyfriend tells them, since he thinks it’s hilarious), I usually feel embarrassed for a second and then remember how helpful this log has become.

However, I feel a lot less embarrassed when I see that I was clearly ahead of the curve – tons of apps have come out that log your outfits for you. I still stick to my own tried-and-true method though – simply snapping a pic and sticking it in my album.


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