Use Pinterest for endless outfit inspiration

Recently, a girl that I follow on social media posted a Pinterest screenshot and wrote, “Really? Does anyone use Pinterest anymore?”

Am I the last person I know using Pinterest??? There is a possibility. However, I don’t really care. Some of the truest words I have ever said were, “Pinterest makes me a better person.”

A quick Pinterest search. (Courtesy of Pinterest/screenshot)

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Want to go bold? Accessorize with white

As a woman on the move, I’m all about crossbody bags – I only carry crossbody bags these days because I know that there’s just no chance I will use a bag that I actually have to carry. I’m an even bigger fan of bucket bags, which are crossbodies in a chic shape that can fit every item I could possibly need (and more).

My new Michael Kors Blakely bucket bag (and Kate Spade wallet). (Photo by Jenna Intersimone)

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Why you should ditch the mall and only shop online

I’m a stickler for a solid pair of shoes and a well-made top. So its no surprise that when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories, I have stuck far away from the world of online shopping for a long time, since I felt the need to actually¬†touch¬†something before I took out my wallet.

However, for years, I have bought everything else I possibly could online – from groceries to home decor to shampoo and more. I recently decided to upgrade my online shopping addiction to clothes as well after yet another failed mall stint.

Courtesy of Elaine_Smith via Flickr

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