Two easy ways to trade in your clothes for cash

I’m your classic neat freak. I know every item that’s in my closet and I (try my best) to give them a wear or else I send them off to the clutches of another who might.

Back in the day, I used to be a eBay freak too, with tens of listings always flooding my page, just trying to make a buck from what I no longer wore. However, becoming increasingly frustrated by low-bid auctions, I went on hiatus – until recently.

Now, I have two ways in which I’m trying to unload my old stuff – most of which have been pretty successful. Here’s how you can do it, too.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

eBay sales

Yes, I’m back to eBay. But finally, I have learned – auction style listings (in my opinion) are a fail. They only last up to seven days, and for most items, this isn’t a lucrative choice to sell your item for the best price.

Instead, I now list everything for Buy It Now only, which makes a listing last for 30 days (which means more time until you have to relist it). In my opinion, I think customers prefer this instant gratification-style sale too, since my eBay sales have been through the roof since I started doing this. You can see all of my listings by clicking here.

This also allows buyers to make offers, and everyone likes to feel like they got a deal. Just remember to factor this into your price – no one is going to pay full price, so make your offer a little higher than what you would like to receive.

Also, it’s 2018 guys – no one pays for shipping anymore. Even if you factor your estimated shipping cost into your price (which you should) every listing should read ‘free shipping’ to your buyer.

On that note, do yourself a favor and buy a shipping scale and once an item sells, weigh it and purchase shipping online. There’s no reason to go to the post office everyday! Here’s the handy $17 scale that I bought, which I love.


I recently started selling on the Poshmark app (and website) and although I have gotten many more eBay sales than Poshmark sales, I have found Poshmark to be much more user-friendly and great for people who don’t want to spend a ton of time making listings.

On Poshmark, you can quickly list an item and make an evergreen listing using your smart phone and enter in a few stats and photos, unlike eBay, which forces you to answer a barrage of questions before a listing is complete (making it only realistic to do listing on a laptop or desktop, in my opinion). Plus, buyers can simply ‘comment’ on your listings rather than sending you an email-like message, which is what eBay does. This makes it more casual and friendly.

Two more upsides of Poshmark – shipping is always a flat fee of $6.49, so you don’t have to worry about miscalculating a shipping cost and losing too much money. Plus, unlike eBay, Poshmark tells you immediately how much they will take out for commission so you know exactly how much you will pocket.



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