British edge meets Italian grace in Alessia Prekop’s designs

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England is a country notorious for dark, daring fashion with a focus on asymmetrical lines and abstract shapes. Italy, however, is renowned for elegant, feminine silhouettes featuring flirty colors and soft fabrics. So what do the two style-savvy locales have in common? Alessia Prekop, an Italian-born designer with a London label. This curious combination of style lives in every seam of Prekop’s collections. Her pieces hold elongated shapes that are fitted in tailored separates with both symmetric and asymmetric lines. Just like the women of Italy and England, the street-style clothing is made for the modern, daring fashion lover who is both powerful and graceful.

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Prekop studied fashion design at Instituto Marangoni and graduated in 2010 before launching her line in 2012, which quickly caught the eyes of the style-conscious. After being acclaimed as “One to Watch” following the debut of her Autumn/Winter 2013 collection at New York Fashion Week, Prekop brought her work to London, a city that she knew would inspire her designs due to its bold nature.

“While I was living in Italy, my visits to London always left a great impression because of the eccentricity of the people that wandered its streets. Their fearless attitude represented a freedom of thinking; I knew I had to be a part of,” she said to Schon Magazine. “As a designer, the city’s rough, rebellious energy unconsciously provides a plethora of ideas that feed into my work.” But that doesn’t mean Prekop left her Italian roots back at home. “Italian style knows how to show a woman at her best,” she added. “In my work, I express a specific aspect of femininity by focusing on the beauty of the female form.” Prekop accomplishes this by embellishing her pieces as much as possible by using satin strips, ribbons, metallic sheen or other romantic finishing touches.

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Photo Courtesy

Now releasing her fourth collection for Spring/Summer 2015, Prekop is channeling the distressed housewife of Betty Friedman’s The Feminine Mystique, who meets the contradictory modern woman of the future. Incorporating soft, feminine colors in powder pink, cream and lilac alongside harsh, monochromic black, the collection showcases Prekop’s signature clean-cut lines alongside delicate crepes and ruffles. And quality is never sacrificed in the design of her work, which uses materials such as mohair, lamb hair and mélange wools alongside silky leather.

Although Prekop’s collections continue to appropriately change with the seasons having now translated to subdued, romantic colors for Spring/Summer 2015 after the edgy, dark styles of Fall/Winter 2014, her uncanny ability to juxtapose the dreamy, tender woman and strong, modern woman exist in every item of her growing work.

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