What You Need for Fall 2014

Alongside pumpkin picking, apple picking, haunted hay rides and trick-or-treating comes the inevitable, and much-anticipated, fall fashion. The time has come to unpack our dusty fall boots, sweaters and scarves and get ready for this very fashion-forward season. However, amongst this gleeful unpacking comes a familiar feeling of need – the need to get back on track and pick up the latest trends for the season.

Obviously, the classics will stay – the tall, black leather boots with gold details, the plaid scarf, the off-white knit sweater. However, here are the items that you need to add to your growing collection this season.

1. Matchy-matchy sets were slowly becoming a staple back in spring and summer, and they are here to stay. Pick up a set of matching skirts and tops, preferably with a little skin showing to eliminate the grandma effect. Go for strong pieces in solid shapes, especially those in busy, yet classy, prints.

Courtesy ShopStyle.com
Courtesy ShopStyle.com

2. Leopard has always been a part of many a woman’s closets, and it is back in motion for fall. Pick up a leopard scarf, booties, and other accessories to avoid overdoing it for everyday life. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, don’t be afraid to pick up a long leopard coat or a ladylike skirt.

Photo Courtesy atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com
Photo Courtesy atlantic-pacific.blogspot.com

3. Mini dresses are feminine pieces that can be taken to the office with a nice pair of boots, especially while summer is still transitioning to fall. This is a great option for those days that are remaining in the 60s and the 70s. Pair a mini dress with a scarf and flats to make it known you are here for fall.

Photo Courtesy amyparent.cabionline.com

4. Leather skirts are another fine transitioning piece since they can paired with a long sleeved shirt or jacket with boots for a fall look. Get a leather skirt in a slightly longer length to take it from club to professional and mix it up by trying leathers in other neutral colors besides black such as blush or tan.

Photo Courtesy  necessaryclothing.hardpin.com
Photo Courtesy necessaryclothing.hardpin.com

5. Eccentric faux furs because fur doesn’t have to be boring. Mix up your faux fur sweater or jacket with prints utilizing more colors and patterns while keeping nice and cozy warm in the chill, too. Faux fur, always a classic staple, has gotten a slight mix-up this season.

Photo Courtesy  adoreness.com


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