The Thrill of the Chase

My closet makes me feel guilty.

When I open it in the morning, although I’m surrounded by pieces that I love, I’m underwhelmed by the amount of items in there. Now that I have a double closet, this feeling is all the more evident, especially considering that I (thankfully) always have a full wallet.

Even though when shopping I’m commonly presented with clothing that I adore, I’m easily deterred by price tags. More than $20 for a dress or a pair of shoes? I figure I can find it cheaper elsewhere. I’m a creature of the hunt and I love the thrill of coming home and being presented with my bargain finds after a long journey to the mall.

However, more often than not, I leave empty handed instead, which has brought me to my bare closet. This has always made me feel kind of bad, especially when less financially savvy friends have wardrobes full of designer clothes that I crave. Always, until a funny experience in the odd world of advertising.

Before I transitioned to the editorial world, I took on a brief stint in the advertising department where I met all sorts of funny characters. One day, a large, pinky-ringed ad agency man came in to speak with an advertising rep and I. He was a boisterous, sleazy man with a bad reputation for never buying anything. Time after time, we snickered when he asked for pricing, pricing we had gave him countless times before, certainly hoping this time, he could be inclined to save just a few dollars. He never spent even one.

When he came in that day, though, he said something quite revealing: “I love the chase of a good bargain. I need to feel like I won.” 

Who knows if this guy famous for getting ad reps fired was telling the truth or just trying to deter the advertising department from figuring out sooner that the dude was never even going to buy a banner ad. Nevertheless, after that, I didn’t feel so guilty – I, too, wanted to feel like I won something from the corporate giants that are retail stores. I wanted to come home with something I had sought out and would be proud of not only for its look, but for its captured price.

I am a product of the chase, and even if it keeps my closet bare, it’ll also keep my mind at ease.


Photo Courtesy of Fashion Over Reason


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