Overdress for Success

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon with my mother frantically getting ready for a graduation party. We had to choose our heels (and debate on if flats were the better choice being that there would be an abundance of alcohol), iron our dresses, straighten our hair, choose our bags, belts, jewelry and other accessories, and paste on our faces. Upon arriving and quickly realizing most other people were in tops and shorts, my mother wallowed that she had committed the seeming sin of being overdressed. 

Before she had said it (and scolded me for pushing her to wear the heels in the first place), I actually hadn’t even noticed that most other attendees had not strapped on their party dresses alongside my mother and I. And even still, I didn’t really care.

Obviously, it’s not exactly pleasant to be overdressed for any occasion, but it’s not nearly as uncomfortable as being the one who shows up looking like a schlub to a fancy event, instantly reverting you back to your sad days of a middle-schooler at a wedding. As Tom Ford has said, “Dressing well is a form of good manners.” He couldn’t have been more correct.

When you take the time to dress well, you’re saying to the world that you take your life seriously and you take the world seriously. You’re saying that besides doing the job you set out to do well you also plan to look good doing it. You’re saying that you care and you don’t mind waking up 45 minutes earlier than the other slovenly people.

I once went to a friend’s family party and saw quite a few people that I hadn’t seen in years. Upon seeing a cousin or aunt or something, she promptly said to me, “Oh I remember you. You wore the dress to the birthday party.” Not in a you-were-obviously-overdressed way or how-stuck-up-of-you way but in a there’s-something-about-you-that-I-like way.

So take that extra time. If you’re not sure exactly sure on how to dress for an event, err on the side of caution and imagine what you would like to be seen in if you were to meet a future employer, future business partner, or future love.

Plus, it’s usually the places you show up to in sweats where you’ll see your ex-boyfriend.


 Photo Courtesy http://fashiion-gone-rouge.tumblr.com/


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