Five Ways To Never Go Out of Style

As fashionable ladies, we spend a lot of time making sure that we are wearing the shiniest heels, carrying the newest bags, and sporting the most stylish clothes. Each and every season, we spend loads of new hard-earned cash on the most recent trends, which we enjoy to its fullest extent… yet a few months later, we ship it off to our sisters or to the donation boxes down the street. We’re left feeling a little guilty, a little stolen, a little cheapened.

On the same note, I always find it interesting when I meet these ladies dropping these dollars yet they’re not investing in the cheapest and easiest ways to stay fashionable… they’re wearing the newest Tom Ford strappy sandals, yet their teeth are stained and there are bags under their eyes. The best ways to have style aren’t always bought in a mall, but can be invested in right at your vanity. Read on to pick up five tips that will ensure that you never go out of style, and you won’t even have to clean out your overstuffed closet to do so.

1. Healthy, coiffed hair. 

Don’t be sporting those split ends past their expiration date – get regular haircuts (at least every three months) to keep split ends at bay and invest in good-for-you shampoos such as Organix which do not contain harmful chemicals that dry out your mane. As someone who has naturally thin hair, there’s also a plethora of things you can do to trick your audience and make your hair thicker and stronger – take a multivitamin plus extra Biotin and B12, take Jarrosil Silicon droplets everyday, use a Moroccon oil after each wash, use silk pillowcases which won’t dry out your hair like cotton does, create this egg yolk and olive oil mask and soak for thirty minutes each month, and make sure the water you’re showering in is as soft and free of chemicals as possible and if not, buy a shower head water softener and filter like Aquasana.


2. Shiny, white teeth. 

Nothing tastes better than a hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning when you can’t keep your head above the steering wheel, but unfortunately, it doesn’t look as hot as it tastes when you’re checking your teeth out after a bit of morning binge drinking. To combat unfortunate coffee and tea stains, try drinking out of a straw (this will make it so the coffee or tea goes straight to the back of your mouth instead of hitting your teeth first), eating fruit or brushing your teeth right after you drink it (the longer it lingers, the longer it’s likely to stain), or drink light-colored teas rather than darker ones. I’ve picked up drinking hot water with lemon on weekday mornings (lemon isn’t great for your teeth either, but it’s better than coffee) and solely drinking coffee on weekends, which has greatly improved my teeth. Also, use Crest Whitestrips once a year – I like the Crest 3D Whitestrips Classic Vivic where you place see-through strips on your teeth for 30 minutes a day for 12 days.

3. Fit, toned figure. 

It’s OK if you’ve got a little fluff hanging around (don’t we all…) but the real bottom line is if you’re eating well, you feel energized and focused, and you keep regular exercise, even with a desk job. Try to work out four to five days a week, mixing up workouts as necessary to work all muscles by lifting, walking, running, dancing, biking and hiking between thirty minutes to an hour each day. Also, for a little midday workout, use half your lunch break to go for a walk (even if it’s just around the parking lot). Even designer clothes don’t look good on a limp, unhealthy and tired body – but a fit body with finely tuned muscles will look (and feel) good in anything.


4. Strong, straight nails. 

I have an unfortunate nail biting habit that will never be 100% cured, but in the midst of my relapses, I try to maintain straightened, square-shaped nails with a monitored cuticle and strong ends. If your nails are weak, one thing you can do is buy Jarrosil Silicon, which is a silicon eyedropper that you mix with a bit of juice everyday. With ten to fifteen droplets a dayfor a few weeks, you’ll see your hair and nails growing like crazy. You can also make sure you’re taking a multivitamin and take extra supplements of both vitamin B12 and Biotin everyday. Plus, keep your nails polished – no chips – and in season-appropriate colors.

5. Sleek, manicured eyebrows. 

Nothing cleans up your face faster than a good eyebrow grooming or makes you look better with no makeup on. If you get them waxed every few months, be sure to keep up with fixings by plucking and cleaning up every two to three weeks. However, be careful not to get pluck-happy and only pluck hairs that were visibly waxed before and grew back outside the manicured eyebrow line. Also, make sure that the end of your brow (closest to your ear) forms a straight diagonal line to the end of your eye – not shorter or longer. Nobody wants to see crazy brows that are too hairy, too thin, too full, or too long.





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