Summer Fashion Do’s

I know, I get it. Summer is here! Time to pull out your bikinis, sundresses, and crop tops, right?!

Umm maybe if you work in a surf shop. If you’re a part of the rest of the general population, however, keep in mind that just because the weather is warm, you do not have the OK to roll into work with your hair piled on your head and your belly button ring hanging out – even if your employer lets you out at 3:00 pm on Fridays. But don’t fret – there are options. Need some summer business fashion guidance while that humidity is getting to your head? Look no further. 

1. Sandals. At some places of employment, a nice pair of designer sandals (note – not flip-flops) can work with the right outfit, especially with a wedge or, better yet, a heel. Just make sure that you fix that chipped nail polish before you take them to work. Keep the cruddy ones you’ve had since high school at home. 


2. Light Cotton Pants. This is important to think about even before the summer comes around – a pant with a lighter fabric can be worn in the winter or summer, so always consider the material when purchasing, especially if you’re neurotic like me and refuse to own more than one pair of the same funny-colored pant. These are ridiculously comfortable at work during those hot summer days. 

3. Sleeveless Button-Downs. Don’t want to wear those thick long-sleeved shirts in the height of summer? No problem. A sleeveless, collared shirt in a solid fabric does the same job – especially with a blazer for when the boss walks in. Plus, you can take it right to happy hour at five. 


4. Long, Light Jewelry. Summer is all about casual comfort, and the good news is that your long, dangly beachy jewelry can be taken to work too with the right cut top and overall ensemble. Experiment – don’t think you need to leave those pieces at home. 

5. Sundresses. Once again, depending on the workplace and the style of the dress itself, this can work. This means – no exotic patterns, no strapless or spaghetti straps, no plunging necklines, and no rising hemlines. Sounds like fun, right. However, with a nice light material, you can stay comfortable in your favorite summer dress – especially with a cozy cardigan on top. 



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