This is Why I Hate Crop Tops

Because it just isn’t fair.

If you don’t live in a bubble, you have probably noticed the sudden influx of cute crop tops in every clothing store or site that you have a peek in. I’m sure you have spotted those that are floral, lace, denim, leather, and everything in between. And I’m sure that you have also noticed that eureka, they match all these great pieces!

From high waisted jeans to leather A-line skirts and then back boyfriend shorts, crop tops seem the go-to to pair with this spring’s best ensembles. But the real question is this… who can wear them?



Damn you.

I’ll tell you who it isn’t – pretty much anyone over a size two. If you aren’t long and lean enough or tall enough or skinny enough or have curves in the exactly right places, crop tops are going to look downright ridiculous on you, and that is very sad indeed. Trust me, I have tried. I bought the leather A-line. I bought the maxi skirt. I bought the vintage high-waisted shorts. And all of them looked the same on me – ridiculous. Why? Because I am a size four… and that makes me sad.

Now, those items are on consignment at the shop down the street, and I will be lucky if I get a quarter of what I paid back for them. So what is the lesson learned here?

Investing in trendy, of-the-moment pieces needs to be thoroughly thought through before you take out your wallet. 


Don’t get me wrong – I have splurged, like everyone else, on a high-low dress, a tribal-print skirt, and way too many bandeaus. However, before purchase, really consider if this is a trend of the moment or if it is a piece that once it goes out of style, it can be refurbished and used for something else (like a bandeau… and not a tribal skirt).

Also, in the dressing room, be realistic with yourself. Is this something you are actually going to wear, and enjoy wearing? Or is it going to make you feel self-conscious and weird for the one season you wear/doubt? Because I know for me… the crop top is going to the consignment shop, too. For me, the crop top truly encompasses the want to wear something that you may look kind of silly in, and the girl you hate looks pretty awesome in.

What kinds of trendy pieces have you purchased and later regretted?


Life is not fair.


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