Work the Lazy Sunday

No, I don’t literally mean work on Lazy Sunday. However, if you do plan on venturing outside of your home (i.e. bed) on this treasured day of the week, it’s important to dress the part… like a classy slob. If you’re poor like me, you probably only have so many pieces anyhow, but don’t fret – there are several business trends fitting for weekend wear and they don’t include heels and dress pants. Check out my favorite Sunday Bests below.

1. The Boyfriend Jean. Besides being able to bring the Boyfriend Jean to casual Friday with a chic blazer and patent leather heels, the boyfriend jean is obviously a perfect match for Sunday, especially with a lazy down ‘do, sneakers, baggy tees, and obviously; sunglasses.


2. Stripes. Stripes are a great piece to mix and match for work, especially with an army vest and patterned belt or a fur vest and high-waisted pants. But, stripes were, in fact, made for the weekend, perfect with a cute baseball cap or a pair of flats.


3. Jean Shirts. These tops are OK for work when paired with a fluffy scarf and pearls or a tall pair of boots and leggings, especially on these cold snowy days when heels aren’t going to cut it. Once again, this piece was made for the weekend; doubling as a light jacket on spring days and great with a cute hat and crossbody bag for daytime shopping.


4. Oversize cardigan. When you’re office is reminiscent of the Arctic, these cardigan/jackets are warm and stylish when paired cinched with a belt and paired with boots and leggings. An open cardigan with a patterned tee is a great lazy Sunday pairing.


5. The Flannel Shirt. This staple piece can be taken to work with some heels and a colored blazer, but it was born on the weekends with a pair of jeans and sunny weather. On the weekends, throw it together with a vest and a scarf and you’ll be ready to go with the weather.



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