Click Your Heels…

Even though I am at the bottom of the corporate food chain and I’m pretty much the only paper pusher who doesn’t wear jeans and Uggs to work, I still try my best to dress for a higher part so that one day I won’t be hanging around in the back of the pack. And, of course, one thing that goes hand-in-hand with colorful dress pants, coiffed blouses, and expert blow-outs is a nice pair of patent (p)leather heels.

Sometimes people actually make fun of me for my heel-wearing ways; it seems so obviously out of place in a work environment where people seeing clients usually throw on some leggings and boots and call it a day. However, to be honest, the reasons I’m putting on heels don’t just include the fact that I’m shorter than most 15-year-olds and that I’m trying to not be a paper pusher. It’s also too ridiculously easy. 


Here’s the secret: even if the heels are stunning! beautiful! sexy! if they’re uncomfortable, you’re only going to wear them once. I’ve got some beauties who are sky high and got me plenty of second glances when enjoying Porta Friday, however when I’m getting ready for the next night out, I think back to how I was begging my friends to trade me their sandals in the bathroom by 11:30 pm and then I put on some ankle boots instead.

This is actually what makes work heels simple – they’re not supposed to be sky high. They’re supposed to be classy, chic, and professional, and if they’re not, you’ll know because your feet will be crying before lunch. And just because you’re not rocking five inches on a Tuesday doesn’t mean that your heels should ever be dowdy – go for a patent p(leather) in classic colors with a medium sizes heel (two inches) and a pointed toe to keep yourself from looking like you’re on your way to the eighth grade dance. If you chose right, it won’t bother you that you have to run in them through the front door to make it by 9:00 am and you’ll still get those coveted second glances.

“…That’s why we need really special ones now and then – to make the walk a little more fun.” – Carrie Bradshaw, Sex & The City


2 Replies to “Click Your Heels…”

  1. Good info. I think if you can wear four inch heels at work all day than go for it. As mentioned, the most important thing is the shoe be comfortable or wearing them is not fun. Every shoe can be uncomfortable if it is a poor fit; not just heels. 😉

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