Stay Fashionable in the Frigidity

When your hair freezes five minutes after you leave your house and you ruined your outfit by shoveling out your own car, the struggle to stay chic from December through March becomes all the more evident. However, cold weather doesn’t also mean that you have to deal with ugly, puffy jackets and grandma hats. Especially if you’re taking cover in an all-seasons city like New York, a fashionable, yet warm, winter coat is a must to bring you through to the promised land of Spring. Check out some foolproof jackets that will get you from home to the office in one sniffling, pinked piece.

1. The Elongated Parka can be perfected with some caution and attention to detail. Be careful to choose a design that, although warm, doesn’t puff you up like a marshmallow and balances out by featuring a longer fit and ended a little above the knees rather than at the waist. Also, a stylish, girly touch such as a faux-fur hood can bring a jacket meant for utility into the realm of chic.


2. The Printed Coat is a cool alternative to the typical black jacket. Go for neutral colors, like a black and white houndstooth or polka dot, to bring together any other look that you happen to be rocking that day. Bring the design together with a girly, curvy shape rather than a straight bottom. If you’re going to go, go all the way.


3. The Poncho is the way to shield your beautiful designer bags from the harsh hail and snow and also achieve a different look from every other girl’s go-to jacket. To keep a classic shape alive, feel free to go nuts with some clever clips and feathers/hanging strands/etc.


4. The Anorak Jacket is the tomboy’s take on a chic coat with a variety of pockets and zippers, a baggy (yet little fitted) shape, and equipped with a large hood, preferably lined with some sort of faux fur. Make sure your anorak, like your parka, keeps a longer shape and never ends at the waist.


5. The Winter White is the 2014 all-weather staple. If you feel brave enough to face the elements with only dry cleaning on your side, then grab a classic winter white to beat the white after Labor Day rule for good. Go for a slender, elongated style with a fitted shape and no bells or whistles.




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