For The Love of… Outerwear

I love outerwear. I love vests, scarves, socks, and any other accessories that I can a hold of that are cheap and I don’t have to try on in a dressing room. However, besides the fact that there’s no reason to undress for these wonderful articles of clothing, they are also great because they are easy to pair with tons of different sweaters, pants, and shoes, thus making for a very dynamic piece. 

However, the vest holds a very special place in my heart, mostly because my office is usually freezing cold. Wondering what vests you need in your wardrobe to acquaint yourself with the polar vortex? Look no further. 

1. The Army Vest 

These tomboyish, loose-fitting vests make for a cool and quirky look when pairing with patterned shirts, such as stripes or flannels, as well as dainty, girlish pieces such as white or lace. Plus, forest green matches great with other cool patterns, such as leopard, so feel free to utilize your belts and the fun shoes with this one too. This is why neutral colors are a beautiful thing. 


2. The Faux Fur Vest

The fur vest is the instant glam-up for any boring neutral, sweater, or solid color. When choosing your fur vest, make sure you invest in a color scheme that makes sense with other colors that you usually wear (such as tan, gray, white, or black). Oh and also you’ll always be cozy in a little touch of faux fur. 


3. The Puffy Vest 

The puffy vest is 2014’s coolest McFly trend bought back to life, which, unbeknownst in years prior, isn’t just for lumberjacks and snow snoveling. Instead, grab a puffy vest in a cool color – such as royal blue, emerald green, or the trendy herringbone – and pair with a button down and statement necklace. 


4. The Leather Vest 

The leather vest, when done right, is an interesting edgy twist on a modern outfit instead of reminiscent of a biker gang bar gathering. When choosing a leather vest, look for one that is very simple (no bedazzling, no pockets, no strings, no oddly designed zippers) to keep your look chic and classic. 


5. The Jean Vest

Unfortunately, the jean vest is not a good winter choice and is much more fit for fall and spring, so you’ll have to wait to utilize this one, however it is worth planning for nonetheless. Grab a jean vest in a light color for a classic, not sixth grade Canadian jumpsuit, look that is also simple with limited pockets, colors, shades, studs, and fringe. 



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