Summoning Your Inner Neat Freak

Being that I pretty much live in my car nowadays and I’ve moved like 16 times this year, I’m getting good at getting rid of my stuff. If you run around as much as I do, it becomes a real pain to lug stuff that you don’t need. It’s kind of like the universe forcing you to clean out your closet.

Even though this doesn’t mean that I stop buying more stuff, it does mean that I have become the guru of closet cleansing and learning the proper way to fill up a wardrobe. Check out my tips for going through your own junk… and buying some more (because we all know that’s what you were going to do anyway). 

1. Get in the mood. You really have to be in a purifying mood to be able to honestly get through your stuff and determine what’s worth keeping and what belongs at the dump (or on eBay). So if you’re going through everything and you’re dreading it and keeping everything anyway, you’re wasting your time. Save it for a rainy Sunday when there’s a great Lifetime movie on. 

2. Be honest about utility. You may have a super cool purple fur vest that your great great grandma gave you, but have you ever worn it? Will you? If the answer is no, be honest with yourself. Trust me, grandma isn’t going to mind, especially if you can pocket some change for it. The more stuff you can get rid of that you don’t really use, the more stuff you can get that you will use, making the morning struggle to pick an outfit out a little more promising. 

3. Shop like the French. The French have surprisingly small closets. This is because unlike an American, a French woman will buy one thing she absolutely cannot live without while an American will buy seven things that are trendy for the season, but ehh not sure if they are absolutely perfect and leg warmers are going to be out of style again next season anyway. 

4. Treat your purchases like investments. Alongside only buying things you truly love, don’t be afraid to drop some dollars on a great classic piece you will wear forever, like a designer trench coat or the perfect leather boot. If you treat your purchases like investments, not only will you have a beautiful closet, but you’ll have just one of everything instead of 18 pairs of black heels that all look kind of similar and are all falling apart. 

5. Remember everything has a place. Your clothes are your children, especially if you can’t keep a plant alive. So don’t throw them on the floor, don’t stuff everything in a box, but determine the best place for your bags, your belts, your coats, your scarves, and stick to it. This will also make it easier for you to put great outfits together… quickly. 

6. Coordinate like your mom would want you to. Don’t just blindly hang everything up in the closet, organize it, whether it’s by color, style, or season. If you’re thinking that plaid shirt will look awesome with that white cord sweater you just bought, you don’t want to sit there wondering where the hell it could be. You want to know that it can only be in one place. 

7. Clothes are not memories. They are clothes. Don’t keep an item just because you went on this awesome date in it once or because you really don’t want to hurt your sister’s feelings. Forget sentimental value, because unless you’re 97 years old, you’re going to remember it anyway. Ditch it. 

8. Donate or sell? Never throw away a piece of clothing (unless it’s truly destroyed). There is no reason your pieces can’t go to a good cause, whether it is donating to the less fortunate in conveniently placed Good Will boxes in every town in America or learning how to sell it on eBay (which is surprisingly easy – pick up an eBay for Dummies). 



This warms my heart. 


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