Dress Your Friday Like Your Monday

When you started your big-girl job, I’m betting that you wore heels and a blazer everyday. Maybe you took a lot of effort to make sure all your accessories matched, your blowout was perfect, and you didn’t have any lipstick in your teeth. However, now that you have a couple of months under your belt, things have changed.

Now, once in a while, you’ll throw on a pair of jeans or some flip-flops instead. You wonder if it’s really worth it to put the extra eye-makeup on or if anyone is going to notice that you wore this exact same outfit on Tuesday.

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. 


OK, so this quote probably wasn’t meant to persuade lazy postgrads to get dressed for work. However, it still reigns true. It’s easy to get lazy when it comes to trying your best at work, looking your best, and remaining on your best behavior and keeping a friendly and professional attitude, but it is important nonetheless.

When your annual review comes around, your boss isn’t going to remember that one day where you did a good job but forget about the other 364 days where you sat there on Facebook smacking your gum. Instead, she will remember how everyday, no matter what the weather or what your job title, you dressed like the boss and you acted like her too – you remained efficient and professional and always got the job done – well. 

Dressing well goes hand-in-hand with this – it is a gentle reminder that no only are you awesome at your job, but you look like you’re awesome at your job too. This isn’t something to forget. Dress for success and you will never fall behind.


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