Where To Build Your Business Wardrobe

When you’re a happy, skipping college student, you know all the best spots to score your party clothes, your bar clothes, your club clothes… and oh yeah, your school clothes. However, I know that for me, and pretty much every other soon-to-be-graduating college kid that I knew, I had but one outfit to interview for jobs in. And it wasn’t a nice one.

However, when you finally do take that big leap from college to post-grad life, you’re not really sure where to start when it’s time to build your adult wardrobe, free of fur, hooker heels, and Uggs. So, here’s a quick guide on the first steps to building your brand-new big-kid wardrobe for that coveted full-time job with the same budget you worked off of when you were delivering pizzas.

1. J. Crew is the Heaven of quirky professional clothing, chock full of brightly colored flats, patterned pants, and funky accents. Yes, some stuff at J. Crew starts out pricy… which is why your best bet is to head backwards to the awesome sale rack hiding in the corner, or better yet, the J. Crew Factory Store. Here, you can snag some classic sweaters, cute blazer basics, as well as must-have accessories.


2. Ann Taylor is another great locale to score killer sales on some great pieces like basic pencil skirts, solid colored cardigans, and fun work tops. Remember, never pay full price, which is made even easier with the Ann Taylor card. Don’t forget about Ann Taylor Loft, a division of Ann Taylor, that features some younger (and cheaper) pieces that can sometimes be a hit as well.


3. Target is one that I’m actually kind of embarrassed to present to you, but whatevs. You can get some quality (and cool) blazers, cardigans, basic sweaters, flats, and business heels that you can take to work on a very limited budget. And guess what? No one is ever gonna know. Muhahaha.


4. Gap is a spot where you can score all the basics you need because let’s get real, if you can get it anywhere, why would you pay a lot for it? You can grab some cute spring jackets to take to work, leather bags, patterned flats, and of course, scarves in every color you can ever dream of.

Style: "BLUE04"

5. Banana Republic can’t really be classified as a bargain store like our good friend Target, however, with sales, you can definitely grab some good deals on blazers, business suits, slacks, heels, and accessories such as jewelry and headbands that you can take to the workplace.



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