How to Wear Winter Boots to Work

So it’s snowing outside. Actually, it’s blizzarding. So what the hell are you gonna wear on your feet to work today?

Heels are out of the question (besides, it’s Friday) and so we are left with the can-be-acceptable winter footwear… boots. Check out the ways that you can wear your favorite weekend boots out on the town on Monday… er, out in the cafeteria.


1. Opt for a heel. As long as they aren’t super-high skank heels, a heeled boot is a great way to bring that wow factor back to your workplace outfit and make you look more professional and put together, even if it is a small heel.

2. Just avoid anything that smells like Western. Anything that has a Western feel to it – a pointed cowboy boot-esque toe, a Western design, a ruffled leather – is just not going to work for work. This is too casual. Stick to designs and styles that scream professionalism and chic. Sleek, tall, shiny, and clean boots are the way to go.


3. Keep everything else fitted and put-together. Sometimes it’s OK to wear a more casual top with more professional pants and vice versa. However, if you’re going to be rocking boots, if everything else isn’t perfectly put-together you’re going to look like your on your way to second period math class. Stick to chic jewelry, neutral colors, fitted pants, and professional tops.

4. Don’t do above the knee. I’ve been seeing blogs all over the Internet instructing viewers on how to wear thigh-high boots to work, but generally, this isn’t OK. Jeez I feel weird wearing these boots out to the bar, let alone a place where I’m trying to get people to think I’m over the age of 15.


5. Leave the patterned or brightly colored boots at home (always). I’m not sure why you would want to wear boots like this anyway, but if you were… don’t. At work, still to neutral colored boots, like brown, black, and nude.



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