A Pop of Color

There are many reasons why I want to live in a J. Crew catalog, among those being that no one ever has to brush their hair, everyone has cute kids, and everyone always looks so happy to be there. However, one of the reasons why pieces at J. Crew (among other stores as well) is that they utilize pops of color on neutral shades.


One of the best ways to look professional (and expensive) actually seems to be counterproductive – use basic shades and pieces without a lot of pazazz that are in high-quality materials. There’s a reason why you were in kindergarten you wore shirts with sparkles and ruffles and pompoms and whatever else on them – because they were cheap and your parents knew that was where your milk and pizza was going to end up anyway.


However, now you’re an old person with a real job. One way to always look put together is to choose clothing in very basic shades, preferably neutrals, such as grays, beiges, whites, blacks, and browns that were made well (even if you bought them on sale). Obviously, another great reason to do this is because the pieces will take you farther since they can be paired with tons of other shades.

Then, you can pull the whole thing together with a pop of color. This means pair your blacks, whites, stripes, and grays with brightly colored scarves, cardigans, belts, shoes, bags, and jewelry in shades such as turquoise, yellow, hot pink, and red. And voila, no one ever has to know that you’re actually broke and you live at home.




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