Taking The Fall Fashion Trends To The Office

Everyone, even those of us trendsetters, love to be in on the times and if not ahead of the curve, at least with the curve. However, you don’t want to save your trendy new stuff just for the weekend! Follow some of these tips to take the coolest new fall fashion trends from the off hours to the office hours.

1. Interesting Outerwear. Vests in leather, parka, and fur have always been staples of fall fashion, but this year, this outerwear has taken a new turn and making itself noticed. Don’t balk away from big, fine furs in long lengths and cool textures – experiment and keep it interesting. However, when getting a little crazy at work, make sure you keep everything else simple – no crazy colored makeup, no party shoes, and no insane hair.


2. Bringin Back The Classic Prints. This season, plaid, houndstooth, and polka dots are back with a vengeance. Prints used to be forbidden at work, but things have quirkened up a bit, and with some semblance this trend can be managed for work by using it as a pant with a neutral shirt or as a layered button down under a sweater. It’s the prints that keep things interesting under otherwise boring solids.


3. Throw In Some Winter White. No white after Labor Day? PUH-LEASE. White is the same color of snow… how is that not acceptable for after Labor Day – I really do not understand. If you’re feeling adventurous (and clean), invest in a winter white coat and don’t you dare retire those white pants – pair them with other neutral colors (sorry, no brights, that’s too summer) for a ready-to-go fall outfit.


4. Don’t Abandon The Leather. Your mom may scrunch her face when she sees your wearing gasp leather to work, but this is a trend that can work when used sparingly. Don’t you dare wear a leather shirt or leather pants, but it’s pretty cool to throw in some pants with a strip of leather or a shirt with leather sleeves. Just really try not to cross the line to hooker.


5. Get Military Inspired with Forest Green. How do you not cross the line between soldier and nine to five? Make sure that your forest green is fitted and never baggy. Also, make sure to invest in clever accents (you need jewelry and accessories for a look like this) such as lace, gold, leopard, fur, and leather. Forest green is also a slightly more interesting alternative to neutral solids and it goes great with black, white, and brown.



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