All’s Fair in Love, War, and Casual Friday


Just the words bring about images of gray beaten down hoodies, untied sneakers, and old 5k race t-shirts. Somehow, I kind of think that when our fore(mothers) fought long and hard for their beloved Casual Fridays, they weren’t thinking about basically getting away with their pajamas to work. Instead, all it was supposed to mean was that we could now bring our casual chic outfits to the workplace, which we so infrequently get to sport once Grind Life comes around.

This is pretty much why I don’t really adhere to Casual Friday. I still strap on my heels in the parking lot, I still make sure all my buttons are secured on up, and all of my accessories always match. However, on the rare occasion that I take the plunge and do join in on the joy of the Friday, I do the casual chic. Here are some ideas to take your Casual Friday work outfit from supermarket to super awesome.

1. Colored Jeans are a great alternative to blue jeans because they don’t look so much like you threw on the first thing you saw and a t-shirt. Instead, colored jeans (provided that you matched appropriately to the rest of your outfit) ensure a well put-together ensemble with all the fun of jeans! If brighter colors that are appropriate for autumn at work such as forest green and dark reds and maroons are too much for you, then stick to neutrals like white and tan. Colors are a guaranteed dress up. (Photo courtesy of


2. Brights on brights. Speaking of colors, mixing brights on brights is a great way to fun-up the office on Fridays, especially if you work somewhere that is more on the conservative side like a doctor’s or lawyer’s office. They may be a little too much for Monday through Thursday… but Friday is free game. Just make sure you keep the accessories light and pair with a nude shoe. Also, don’t go too crazy with patterns either. Solid on solid bright is a safe way to go, but still fun.  (Photo Courtesy of


3. Boyfriend jeans. Don’t get me wrong here. Normally, as much as I love baggy, holed boyfriend jeans, they unfortunately don’t fit very well into work wear. However, and most thankfully, on Fridays these fit right in with a fitted blazer and more work appropriate shoes, like Oxfords or a nice sandal. (Photo Courtesy of


4. Button-downs with bulk. Normally, when we think of button-downs, we just think of pairing them with a classic pant and heels or a skirt. However, if you like button-downs like I do, you can bring them down a notch for Casual Friday by layering them up, especially for the fall. Tack on a furry vest and a knit scarf to stay warm in that damn AC and still look cozy and put-together. (Photo courtesy of


5. Plain T’s and statement necklaces. One of my favorite (and one of the easiest) trends for the season is big, plain t-shirts or sweaters in a neutral colors paired with a regal-esque statement necklace. I see a lot of these necklaces for sale for $30 or more, but in reality, you can grab them on eBay for less than $10, which is great too considering I don’t see them staying trendy for very long. No matter what, they’re a great way to trick cozy sweaters into being fancy. WIN. (Photo courtesy of



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